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180 gram.vinyl

Reggae - boxset vydaný v roku 2022 Limited Edition Box Set - 1,500 Copies in North America 4LP (Gatefold) 4CD 45rpm 7" Vinyl Single 4 Vintage Posters... celý popis
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Číslo produktu:4050538618891
EAN kód:4050538618891
Formát/nosič:LP album
Počet nosičov:4
Farba vinylu:Čierny/black - standard
Distribútor:Warner Music
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Reggae - boxset vydaný v roku 2022

  • Limited Edition Box Set - 1,500 Copies in North America
  • 4LP (Gatefold)
  • 4CD
  • 45rpm 7" Vinyl Single
  • 4 Vintage Posters
  • 2 Artist Postcards
  • Trojan-Embossed Gold-Plated Medallion & Chain
  • 90-Page Fully-Illustrated Book
  • Over 7 Hours of Hits & Rarities

Zoznam skladieb/tracklist:

LP1 & LP2 (Reggae Hotshots)
Side A:

    (Poor Mi) Israelites - By Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    Red Red Wine - By Tony Tribe
    Return of Django - By The Upsetters
    Long Shot Kick De Bucket - By The Pioneers
    Liquidator - By The Harry J All Stars
    Monkey Man - By The Maytals
    Elizabethan Reggae - By Boris Gardiner & The Love People
    Wet Dream - By Max Romeo

Side B:

    Double Barrel - By Dave & Ansel Collins
    It Mek - By Desmond Dekker & The Aces
    Dollar In the Teeth - By The Upsetters
    Sweet Sensation - By The Melodians
    To Be Young Gifted and Black - By Bob Andy & Marcia Griffiths
    Love of the Common People - By Nicky Thomas
    You Can Get It If You Really Want - By Desmond Dekker
    Monkey Spanner - By Dave & Ansel Collins

Side C:

    Do the Reggay - By The Maytals
    Ali Baba - By John Holt
    Feel the Rhythm - By Clancy Eccles
    Jackpot - By The Pioneers
    Funky, Funky Reggae - By Dave Barker
    Hey Boy Hey Girl - By Derrick Morgan
    Vigerton 2 - By King Stitt

Side D:

    Sweet and Dandy - By The Maytals
    Another Scorcher - By The Viscounts, The Tennors & Jackie Bernard
    John Public (Tom Hark) - By The Dynamites
    Dry Acid - By Count Sticky & The Upsetters
    Shine Eye Gal - By Vincent Foster
    Good Time Rock - By Hugh Malcolm
    Moon Hop - By Derrick Morgan

LP3 & LP4 (Do The Reggae)
Side A:

    Do the Reggae - By The Tennors
    Woman Capture Man - By The Ethiopians
    Bombshell - By Derrick Harriott & The Crystalites
    Who You Gonna Run To - By The Shades
    Dulcemania - By Drumbago & The Dynamites
    Where Were You - By The Techniques
    Soul Special - By Karl 'King Cannon' Bryan & The Jay Boys

Side B:

    Better Herring - By The Pioneers
    Doctor No Go (Dub Cartel' Session) [Instrumental Dub Version] - By The Hippy Boys
    The Ugly One (aka Lee Van Cleef) - By King Stitt & The Dynamites
    You're My Everything - By The Techniques
    Rum Bay - By The Emotions
    Biafra - By Derrick Harriott & The Crystalites
    Jay Fever - By Karl 'King Cannon' Bryan & The Jay Boys

Side C:

    Movements - By Count Matchuki
    Trouble Trouble - By Lloyd Robinson
    The Game Song - By Drumbago & The Blenders
    The Reggay - By Count Busty & The Rudies
    Time Marches On - By The Race Fans
    Drop Dead (aka Bigger Boss) - By Michael Wilson & The Hippy Boys
    High Voltage - By Dave & Ansel Collins

Side D:

    Wha'pen - By Sir Lord Comic
    Mullow Reggae - By Amiel Moodie & The Dandemites
    Wanted - By Baba Dice
    Poppy Show - By Andy Capp & Val Bennett
    Jaga Jaga War - By The Wanderers
    The People's Choice - By Winston Williams
    Sounds Intensified - By Heskith Graham

7" Vinyl Single
Side A:

    54-46 Was My Number - By The Maytals

Side B:

    54-46 Was My Number (Version Two) - By The Beverley's All Stars

CD1 (From The Valuts Vol. 1):

    Jumbo Jet (feat. Charlie Ace) - By Gloria's All Stars
    I Want It Girl - By Teddy Charmes
    Penny Wise - By Chuck Junior
    The Kiss - By Winston Wright & The Tommy McCook Band
    Uncle Joe - By Austin Faithful
    Wholesale Love - By Rudy Mills
    Space Doctor - By The Hippy Boys (as The Cobbs)
    Want It, Want It - By Samuel Edwards
    Feel So Glad - By Tony King & The Hippy Boys
    Sticker - By Roland Alphonso & The Gaytones
    Jump High Jump Low - By The Arabis
    Short Up Dress - By Lloyd Robinson & Devon Russell
    Soul Trombone - By Vincent Gordon
    Baby Don't Be Late - By The Righteous Flames
    Lover Girl - By The Maytones
    Organism - By Anonymously Yours
    Make It Easy On Yourself - By Melmoth Nelson
    Lavender Blue - By Lloyd Robinson
    I Know a Place - By The Dee Set
    Stool Pigeon - By Tony Shabazz
    Rudam Bam - By The Eagles
    Land of Kinks - By The Upsetters
    Stay in My Arms (aka You've Been Away so Long) - By Laxton & Oliver
    Jump and Shout (aka Shout) - By Anderson's All Stars
    Straight to the Head - By Johnny Lover & The Destroyers

CD2 (From The Vaults Vol. 1):

    Stagger Back - By The Family Circle
    Pledging My Love - By Audrey
    The Dead Rooster - By Girlie & Joe's All Stars
    Because You're Mine - By Les Foster
    Get Up Adinah (aka Stingray) - By Nyah Shuffle
    Dice Is Back - By Pama Dice
    Down Town Jump - By Dandy & The Rudies
    Think (What You're Doing to Me) - By Sprong & The Nyah Shuffle
    Henry the Great - By Des All Stars
    Come and Try - By Sugar Simone
    Darling It Won't (Be the Same Always) - By Johnny Youth & The Nyah Shuffle
    Girl I Need You - By Gene Rondo
    Late Night - By Sir Collins & The Earthquakes
    Tommy Tucker (Hot Bread and Butter) - By The Corporation
    Beautiful World - By The Hot Rod All Stars
    Loving Lover - By Ray Martell
    Why Wait - By Herbie Gray & The Rudies
    I'm Thirsty - By The Megatons
    Another Saturday Night - By Roy Smith
    Ashes to Ashes - By The Corporation
    Music Box - By George Lee & The Upsetters
    Love Is a Treasure - By The Dials
    First Note - By Sonny Binns & The Rudies
    Impossible Love - By Tony & Delroy
    Crystal Blue Persuasion (Version II) - By The Prophets & The Cimarons

CD3 (From The Vaults Vol. 2):

    I'd Cry - By Winston Shand & The Sheiks
    To Each His Own - By Hugh Hendricks & The Buccaneers
    You Belong to Someone Else - By Errol Dunkley & The Hamlins
    Stand Up (And Fight for Your Rights) - By The Little Wonder All Stars
    I Need Somebody - By Willie Francis
    Calamity (The House of the Rising Son) - By Ralph Holding
    Shame On You - By The Soul Blenders
    Wipe That Smile from Your Face - By The Kingstonians
    Let's Join Together - By Eddie & Jerry
    More Strings - By 'White Rum' Raymond & The Tommy McCook Band
    She's Gone - By The Silver Stars
    Never Let Them Go - By Roy Shirley
    What Kind of Life - By The Dingle Brothers
    Sounds of '69 - By Val Bennett
    You're Gonna Lose - By The Octaves
    Mystic Smile - By The Mad Lads
    Yo Yo - By The Bleechers
    Woman a Heavy Load (Ben Johnson Day) - By Calmore & Smith
    Kill Me Ded (Old Lady) - By Ashley Cooper & The Broncos
    Mary, Mary - By Cliff & The Diamonds
    Work Your Shot (aka Stable Mate) - By Lloyd Williams
    A Get It (aka Hear My Plea) - By The Templets
    Come Running Back - By The Harmonians
    Boogu Yagga Girl - By The Silvertones
    Musical Recipe - By Andy Capp & The Joe Gibbs All Stars

CD4 (From The Vaults Vol. 2):

    Popcorn (aka Skokiaan) - By Stretch & Peego with The Broncos
    Run With a Knife - By The Dingle Brothers
    Sitting Round the Bend - By Errol Dunkley & The Hamlins
    Oily Oily - By Tommy McCook & The Supersonics
    So Nice While It Lasted - By Brent Dowe
    I'm Gonna Try - By The Dials
    The Big Gun Down - By Keith Walker
    You're Mine - By Lloyd Williams
    Time Out - By The Upsetters
    Please Be Mine - By Danny & Joe
    The Treasure of Love - By Bonny & The Hippy Boys
    I'll Never Cry - By Winston Shand & The Sheiks
    How Long (Must I Wait) - By The Templets
    I Can't Love You Enough - By Fitz Major
    I Can't Stop Now - By The Soul Blenders
    Moon Bird - By Roland Alphonso & The Runiaires
    Don't Take Your Love Away - By The Mad Lads
    Kiss Me - By Nora Dean & Hopeton Lewis
    What a Feeling - By Willie Francis
    Mr. Pitiful - By Dave Barker
    Bimbo Regay - By The Hippy Boys
    You Are the One - By The Emotions
    Nothing Ever Done - By Eddie & Jerry
    Bring Back the Loving - By The Silvertones
    Cocaine - By Niney & The Destroyers


rok vydania: 2022

Vydavateľ/výrobcaTrojan Records
Formát/nosičLP album
Počet nosičov4
Farba vinyluČierny/black - standard
Rýchlosť prehrávania33, 1/3 rpm
Krajina/lokalita vydaniaEU
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